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Are your employees in need of training to stay in compliance? Do you have a first time supervisor? Are you dealing with low engagement? It is essential that employees have the proper training to do their jobs effectively.

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Remain Competitive

Organizations are competing not only for market share but also for employees. Employees want to work for an employer that will upgrade their skills to keep them competitive with peers from other companies. As a smaller business, you can still engage develop employees to stay relative.

Adapt to changing business structures.

There are many reasons businesses change their structure some are to stay competitive, meet customer needs, economic reasons, take advantage of growth opportunity, stay in compliance with regulations set by federal, state, and/or industries. Do your employees know the organization or the business? Continuously evolving organizations need employee development to ensure engagement and commitment.

Increase worker productivity.

The workers who receive training and educational opportunities are more productive.  Studies have shown an impact on employee productivity. Does your organization have a Learning Management System (LMS). CHRS can help you set up an LMS customized for your industry. Giving employees options will empower them to take control of their career development.

Reduce turnover.

Research has shown that employee training actually reduces turnover and absenteeism. Training and investing in employee development will instill confidence in knowing their job and promote more job satisfaction and job retention.

Aligning employee development with the organization’s needs.

Do your employees know what your company mission statement and vision are? Do you have a clear, well-communicated mission? When employees know the goals of the organizations they have a better idea of where they fit into the business strategy. A development program brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge. CHRS can help you identify development gaps and solutions.

Leadership Development.

Your Leaders are responsible for driving the success of your business. They need to be prepared to not only manage but lead in the most effective ways as possible. Do your managers know your organization’s Mission / Vision? Managers frequently make costly mistakes because they don’t know what to look for. You can help your managers make better decisions by developing them.

Have you identified employees that will be future leaders in the organization? Is there a Leadership Development Plan in place? Do you have managers that need coaching? CHRS can help you set up a leadership plan, facilitate a manager/ board workshop or summit, or provide one on one coaching.

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