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Have you updated your 2019 Labor Law posters?

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labor law posters

You know those posters and flyers hanging in your breakroom or common areas where all employees have access to.  Someone should be maintaining and updating these documents yearly if not more frequently depending on your industry. Labor Law poster(s) contain mandatory Federal and State laws that are required to be posted for all employees to view. If these Labor Laws are not posted you are in Compliance and risk getting fined.

Here are a few laws that many companies overlook: Believe it or not you are required to post frequency and days of pay periods and paydays. Also, wage and hour posters must be posted with the latest minimum wages. Have you checked to see if your Unemployment insurance information is not only posted but up to date if you’ve changed providers? Don’t forget to post your hours of operation.

There are companies that will supply yearly Federal / State large posters and send updates, for a fee of course.  However, if you’re a small business with a small budget you can be compliant without spending a great deal of money.  I would recommend ordering Labor Law posters; you can find them for under $100 or print them off. Printing off dozens of posters may seem cost effective. DIY Labor Law posters have a cost as well. Paper, ink, and remember someone needs to take time to research and print necessary posters.

Keep in mind, depending on the size of your organization and industry, you will have some posters, notices unique to your company. If you fail to post a required Federal or State notice it could cost you anywhere between $500-$10,000.